Salon 4.0

Session 3 (By Celestion Lyron Siédellia)
An Alternate History - Part 3

Diary of Celestion Lyron Siédellia

Once in the city, I and the others searched for the orb, going towards the center. However, we were set upon by giant rats, and I valiantly fought them off, whilst Ralph Baby and Nina Atric took turns knocking each other out. I would have been amused were they not endangering my wellbeing, as well as everyone else's.

After the two aforementioned idiots finished healing themselves, we moved on to a gate, which required someone to listen to a song and track the notes with a lever while others fought off intruders. After I fought off several giant rats, the gate opened and I discovered a crack in a wall. Of course, it was the only way forward, so I entered, the others following. 

It led to an ethereal-world, one containing a maze of streets and alleys. I wandered with the others for entirely too long, and then we reached a second gate like the first. I fought off more rats, and then we got to a third gate. Needless to say, we got past that one as well. 

After that, we got into a bona fide maze, one that held bombs in it. When we got to the middle of it, there was a metallic bone beast – I cannot describe it any other way – that took forever to defeat. It seemed to be guarding the machine that held the orb I was seeking. I was targeted first as its quarry, as I was obviously the largest threat. It ignored the laws of physics and time somehow, because it would attack someone, then jump the full length of the chamber to knock someone off the top of the machine, even when it was being harmed by the first person when it was halfway across the room from them. I still cannot conceive of a way it could do some beyond some divine intervention that would make no sense.

We retrieved the orb, and the city crashed down around us, nature filling the areas it had been stopped from entering. The CMR was summoned, and we got back on it, giving the orb to Ornoc. 

Session 2 (By Celestion Lyron Siédellia)
An Alternate History - Part 2


Diary of Celestion Lyron Siédellia

After defeating the specters, I made my way back to the West Siédellia Mansion of Eicaster to bid my final farewells to my family. Sai seemed extremely disheartened, but he must learn to deal with disappointment – now is as good a time as any. Mother and Father seemed indifferent to the situation, which was not surprising. They are very busy with the business, and likely must focus more on that. 

I returned to the location Cyrydwyn informed me and the others she would be. She summoned the train – the "Central Mirror Railway" as she called it – and I climbed aboard, as did the others. There was a sleeping car – obviously made for inferior races – and I claimed a pair of mattresses as my own. They were arranged in a strange formation in which four were near the ground, but one more was suspended above each of them with solid beams. I began to attempt to meditate, but that half-person Nina Atric was shouting primitive words that I can only assume were supposed to be in some kind of song. 

Thus, I left the sleeping car and went into the dining car, attempting to escape from the sonic offenses. I eventually left and went to the front car to converse with the physical manifestation of the Central Mirror Railway. He was kind enough to inform me where we were going – an abandoned city whose name escapes me. 

In the morning, I arrived, along with the others, and began to search for the desired item – the orb in the machine in the center of the city. 

Session 1 (By Celestion Lyron Siédellia)
An Alternate History - Part 1

Diary of Celestion Lyron Siédellia

I am writing this to chronicle my adventures through Jhoria, in order to preserve the memories for when I am old and may have forgotten the things I have accomplished. I will show the world what I have done – and prove my total superiority.

It was late one night, the moon shining brightly above. I awoke for no explicable reason, save that there was a sort of itch in my abdomen – I cannot explain it any better than that – that compelled me to get myself ready, as if going into combat. 

I left the West Siédellia Mansion of Eicaster discreetly and traveled to the other side of the city, all under the influence of this strange feeling. There, I saw four others – lesser beings than I – standing in front of a shop with a tall, light blue beacon of light shining down upon it. An old woman, by the name of Cyrydwyn, invited me and the other four in. 

She had us converse with her in a sitting room of some sort, the strange feeling having gone away as I entered the building, and showed possession of a disturbing amount of knowledge regarding me, particularly my familial situation. I decided to wait and discover how she had obtained this knowledge at a later point in time, and allowed her to tell us of some orbs created by the Pojal Institute that were instrumental in giving them the upper hand. It seemed that she thought that the four others and I would work together to retrieve them, as for some reason our differing allegiances would make that possible. 

She also alleged that civil war would come if we did not retrieve these "orbs", and as she knew so much about that should not have been possible without the aid of magic, I decided to trust her for the time being. She knew how much I value my family's company, and used that to convince me to come back the next day for a test of some sort, to which I was to bring my weapons. 

After I told my younger brother Sai that I would potentially be leaving the city, I went to the location at which the woman, Cyrydwyn, had requested my presence. The "test" consisted of the four others from the previous night and me fighting six specters that came from a extradimensional train, one whose design was not that of my family's company. I mentally noted its features and decided to compare them to a blueprint of a Siédellia Train. I won, of course, against the specters, with a little assistance from the four others. 

Session 1

The PCs introduced themselves and we cleaned up a few errors on character sheets.

The party was drawn to a shop by a strange blue glow, where they met an old witch named Cyrydwyn. She seemed surprised that people actually showed up (and implied that she's been casting it for a while with no results). Cyrydwyn discussed the secret history of the Pojal Institute and its revolutionary Orb-powered war machines that currently sit dead across the continent of Jhoria.

She entered into a trance and whipped out receipts on every single member of the party, indicating that the 5 PCs and their wildly different political beliefs will provide some kind of balance to the search for the Orbs.

The party met up with her again the next day, and she summoned the Central Mirror Railway. 6 spirits poured out of it, fought the players, and were soundly defeated. Cyrydwyn was very pleased that the party passed her test.


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