Nina Atric (Maddie)

An old-fashioned, closeted halfling druid grandma who speaks in a lot of nonsensical idioms.


Nina is a simple woman who’s led a simple life. She grew up on her father’s farm, an only child due to her mother dying while giving birth to her. With just her and her father to run the place, Nina grew up fast, never really knowing what it meant to have a childhood. The years she would have spent getting an education were instead spent hardening her body and spirit.

Just having her father for company in these formative years, her politics and worldview were heavily informed by his. Everything he said about the world was fact as far as she was concerned. She learned to think of non-halfings as lesser beings, and the less someone looked like her race, the more barbaric they were in her eyes.

Her father’s worldview also convinced her of the lie that she’s straight, and she ended up marrying Gerry Atric purely because her father told her to. This marriage doubled the size of the family property and effectively gave her father more farmhands.

Nina became convinced that one of her main purposes in life was to create offspring to help with the farm. No one is really sure just how many children Nina birthed, in fact she definitely accidentally gave the same names to some of them just because she couldn’t remember her other children, but no matter the specifics of just how huge that number is, today none of them talk to her.

Both her father and Gerry died as the years went on, and that combined with all of her children leaving made the farm nearly impossible for Nina to run alone. Too old to see herself having a chance of remarrying, instead she headed toward the capital, Eicaster, in search of something that could help her.

This experience filled her with fear. Never before had she seen such diversity, and it was frightening to her.

She was having no luck in finding help, and instead found herself heading to the bar most every night. One night on her way there though, she saw a mysterious blue light emitting from a building, and in investigating it found herself a part of a grand adventure, the likes of which she could have never imagined before.

Nina Atric (Maddie)

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