Salon 4.0

Session 2 (By Celestion Lyron Siédellia)

An Alternate History - Part 2


Diary of Celestion Lyron Siédellia

After defeating the specters, I made my way back to the West Siédellia Mansion of Eicaster to bid my final farewells to my family. Sai seemed extremely disheartened, but he must learn to deal with disappointment – now is as good a time as any. Mother and Father seemed indifferent to the situation, which was not surprising. They are very busy with the business, and likely must focus more on that. 

I returned to the location Cyrydwyn informed me and the others she would be. She summoned the train – the "Central Mirror Railway" as she called it – and I climbed aboard, as did the others. There was a sleeping car – obviously made for inferior races – and I claimed a pair of mattresses as my own. They were arranged in a strange formation in which four were near the ground, but one more was suspended above each of them with solid beams. I began to attempt to meditate, but that half-person Nina Atric was shouting primitive words that I can only assume were supposed to be in some kind of song. 

Thus, I left the sleeping car and went into the dining car, attempting to escape from the sonic offenses. I eventually left and went to the front car to converse with the physical manifestation of the Central Mirror Railway. He was kind enough to inform me where we were going – an abandoned city whose name escapes me. 

In the morning, I arrived, along with the others, and began to search for the desired item – the orb in the machine in the center of the city. 


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