World history

You begin this story in Eicaster, the Jhoria Commonwealth’s sprawling capital city. Eicaster is a friendly place, diverse in every sense of the word and full of things to do and places to be.

It wasn’t always like that. 200 years ago, Eicaster was the home of the United Jhoria Republic, your current government’s predecessor. Humans and elves made up almost all of the population. Pitrianna Sedellia, Celestion’s great-aunt, founded a company named Maca and used her newfound influence to push the Republic to start strip-mining the Pojal Slopes for its vast supply of stone, ore, and precious minerals. The conflict that followed was named thanks to her: the Tycoon’s War.

A coalition of mountain dwellers came together and formed the Pojal Liberation Front, declaring independence from the Republic and taking up arms to defend their homeland. Although they were outnumbered, the PLF was supported by innumerable rural villages, many of whom felt the Republic was corrupt and too homogenous. The PLF used the mountains to their advantage, holding off the better-armed and much larger Republic army for nearly a year. During that time, a think tank of PLF-aligned inventors and military specialists mined the Pojal Slopes themselves and created a new generation of experimental war machines. These machines turned the tides completely and the PLF steadily drove the Republic back, eventually storming Eicaster and performing a successful coup. In the subsequent negotiations, the Jhoria Commonwealth was formed on the principle of equal representation and harmony with the natural world, and the rest is herstory.

Cyrydwyn revealed that these war machines were erased from history to prevent a coup against the new, fragile government, and that remnants of those machines are gathering dust around the continent of Jhoria.

World history

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